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What Christian Polygamy is NOT

While it is easy to explain what Christian Polygamy IS, it is also important to clarify what Christian Polygamy is NOT.

Christian Polygamy is...

  • NOT fornication (or other fleshly-foolishness)
  • NOT adultery (or taking/swapping other men's wives)
  • NOT polyandry (one woman, more than one "husband")
  • NOT polyamory ("many loves", i.e., "anything goes")
  • NOT group marriage (where everyone in group is married to everyone else in group)

  • NOT force polygamy (against the current wife's feelings)
  • NOT chest-pounding versions of patriarchy

  • NOT about anything racial or so-called "British Israelite" ideas
  • NOT about anything involving "oneness" doctrines
  • NOT about preterist doctrines
  • NOT about creating/using "new" texts as "scripture"

  • NOT Mormon (also known as "Latter Days Saints")
  • NOT referring to the exclusively Mormon term, "the principle"
  • NOT ever involving the exclusively Mormon doctrines of
          "celestial" or "eternal" marriages
  • NOT ever involving the exclusively Mormon doctrines of
          "pre-existence of souls"

In general, Christian Polygamy is believed simply by everyday Christ-centered, Spirit-led, Scripture-believing Christians, from a vast span of denominational backgrounds.

In a nutshell and not counting the fact that the Bible clearly does not prohibit polygyny, of course, any belief or behavior which would otherwise define someone as NOT being an everyday Christian equally applies to those who would claim to be Christian Polygamists. (One does not have to be a "practicing" polygamist to be a Christian Polygamist; rather, one only must be an everyday Christian who believes it is Biblical.)

If one has beliefs or behaviors which would otherwise define them as NOT being Christian, though, then such beliefs or behaviors likewise define them as NOT being involved in true Christian Polygamy.

For true Christian Polygamists, being true and sincere everyday Christians too, therefore, they easily conduct themselves in and with true Christian Testimony. Accordingly, such true Christians in Christian Polygamy would surely

  • NOT pose false pictures and misrepresentations of make-believe families

  • NOT plagiarize others' writings, web-sites, or other contents
  • NOT infringe on others' trademarks or copyrights, etc.

  • NOT do anything else which any other everyday Bible-believing Christian would not do and/or not believe

If anyone does any of these above things which would not be the beliefs or behaviors of everyday Christians, then it it is clear that they are certainly NOT representing what is true Christian Polygamy whatsoever.








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What Christian Polygamy is NOT



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