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Only a few short years ago, the mere suggestion of putting the words, "Christian" and "Polygamy", beside each other as one term would have been laughed at. It would have been called a "contradiction in terms" and an "oxymoron".

But no one is laughing anymore.

After much patient prayer, love, and work by committed Christ-centered, Spirit-led, Scripture-believing evangelical conservative Christians, from all kinds of different denominational backgrounds, the Truth is being believed and spread to others!

Christian Polygamy has become a reality and is now being taken very seriously in a number of spheres of influence.

Site Synopsis

This resource, therefore, provides the important "snapshots" of essential information in one place. Thereby, this site's purpose seeks to immediately assist and inform Christians, researchers, knowledge-investigators, and/or any other intellectually honest parties about this new social "movement" called, "Christian Polygamy".


For that reason, the frequently employed terminology has been defined herein first. This is a necessity in order to circumvent common misunderstandings and misapplications.

The words, "polygamy" and "bigamy" do NOT mean the same thing. "Polygamy", although it does technically mean either "polygyny" or "polyandry", it is usually only culturally used in the context of exclusively meaning "polygyny".

"Patriarchy" means different things to different people, but Christ-centered Christians see the example of Christ-on-the-cross-for-His-Beloveds as the role model for husbands.

"Polyamory" is an entirely different and separate concept. It never means "polygamy".


Once the terminology is correctly understood, two essential clarifications are also necessary to be defined and understood.

First, Christian Polygamy is not Mormon Polygamy. The two have two distinctly separate foundational reasons and two distinctly separate histories. They draw no basis from each other.

Second, Polygamy does not equal Mormon Polygamy. Too many people confuse the specific Mormon reasons for polygamy as if THAT is what polygamy supposedly "is". It is not.

What This "IS"

With the correct understandings of terminology and clarifications, readers are then more properly informed to thereafter accurately understand the definitions of what Christian Polygamy actually "is" and What Christian Polygamy is NOT. These two pieces provide those definitions.

The Movement and its History

Thereafter, a comprehensive History of the Movement walks the reader through the important chronology of this modern phenomonon. The Movement itself is also further explained. And the role and impact of both the TruthBearer organization and "Love-Not-Force" are detailed.

More Info

For more information, the Polygamy Resources / Links page provides links to other credible and important web-sites, providing sub-topic niche-specific information.

Correspondence is NOT the purpose of this web-site. (There are other web-sites which are far more ably suited to doing so). Accordingly, we no longer include an email address here.

As a reminder, the URL for this web-site is:

May this web-site be a valuable resource for all.

And more importantly, may the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ bless and be with all who visit this web-site, Christian Polygamy INFO.








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