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The history and movement of Christian Polygamy cannot be accurately told without including the organization of TruthBearer.

Indeed, anyone surfing the internet on the topics of "polygamy" or "Christian Polygamy" will very quickly discover the name and web-site of

This is because, in many respects, the history and movement of Christian Polygamy have its beginnings and continuation directly connected to the TruthBearer organization.

TruthBearer is a cross-denominational, para-church-support ministry. However, it is not "ecumenical" in purpose. It is only focused on the issue of the TruthBearer Mission of "Bringing Christian Polygamy to the Churches", to any and all of the Christian denominations. It has always thereby steered clear of allowing either the organization specifically or Christian Polygamy in general to ever be mis-perceived as if this is about some form of "new" denomination.

The organization defines itself as a Christ-centered, Spirit-led, Scripture-believing organization. Even though the focus is about Christian Polygamy, the Gospel of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is still held as "above all else". And with the TruthBearer Vision of love-not-force, it has set the standard of Christian Polygamy that it only be defined with and by the selflessly giving love of Jesus Christ.

The reasons that the advance of Christian Polygamy is so connected to the TruthBearer organization are many.

First and foremost, the organization comprises the source from which the beginning of the original usable and duplicatable rhetoric of Christian Polygamy had come. The ministry's Truth Tracts, its original Exegesis of Christian Polygamy arguments, and its wide array of various doctrinal clarifying articles, with all these, many have been able to learn the usable and duplicatable rhetoric of Christian Polygamy from the TruthBearer organization or from those who, themselves had learned from it.

When the media need information or interviews, they turn to the TruthBearer organization.

Ultimately, the organization serves as the unifying force for going forward, organizing Christians and the movement of Christian Polygamy. It equips and assists Bible-believing Christians from various denominational backgrounds to help them effectively bring Christian Polygamy to other fellow Christians, and to everyone else.

It provides ways for people to get involved, to take action, and to meet other like-minded Christian Polygamists. In addition to offering Membership, it also provides free services such as Email Updates and Email Listservs.

As if all that were "not enough", the organization also provides web-hosting and design services for many with TruthBearer.NET, offers goods and services at TruthBearer.COM, and has a site for Members at TruthBearer.US.

With all this, as the only organization providing all these services (in addition to being a "doctrine-site"), it is no wonder that the ministry of is certainly deeply connected with the history and movement of Christian Polygamy.








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