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       ("poly-") many
       ("-andry") men.

Polyandry refers to a woman marrying more than one husband.

The easy way to quickly recall the correct spelling and pronunciation of this term, polyandry, is by realizing that the "andry" (of "-andry") comes from the root-word, "andros" (or, anthros), which is the same root-word for "ANTHROpology", meaning the "study of man". Also, for further ease of recall, this word, "polyandry" does NOT include the "g" in its spelling, as opposed to polygamy and polygyny, which, of couse, are spelled a "g".

While polygamy does technically also include polyandry in its definition, it is not commonly used this way.

When most people use the more neutral term, "polygamy", they are usually only meaning polygyny.

For Christian Polygamy, the definition in the Bible for "adultery" (as per the original language in which the Scriptures were written) is that of "woman that breaketh wedlock". That automatically makes it impossible for polyandry to be anything but adultery as defined by the Bible. Since that means that the Bible defines polyandry as adultery, Christian Polygamists do not (and are not able to) view it any other way either.

Conversely, people who advocate or accept polyamory would have no concern with polyandry whatsoever, as their beliefs come from a completely different paradigm and set of presuppositions.








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