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       ("poly-") many
       ("-amory") loves.

The word, "polyamory", is not found in the dictionary.

However, to those who identify themselves by this term of polyamory, they themselves define it as meaning "many loves". That is, for such ones, polyamory refers to any combination or configuration of relationships beyond monogamy ---and certainly not always including marriage at all.

Polyamory is absolutely NOT the same thing as polygamy. Instead, polyamory operates from a more liberal "anything goes" paradigm, as opposed to the commitment of marriage with polygamy.

However, polyamory can be seen as sharing a similar paradigm with those who believe in polyandry, wherein the "configuration" of the latter is simply that of one woman having the "many loves" of more than one husband. While polyandry would share the view of marriage as their basis along with those who believe only in polygyny, the paradigms relating to the meaning of Biblical-defined "adultery" and/or other cultural issues separate polyandry from polygyny. For that reason, polyandry is usually more aligned with polyamory.

For Christian Polygamy, therefore, the Biblical definitions of fornication and adultery (as per the original texts of the Bible, as written in the original languages) prohibit just about all of polyamory as sinful. That is, for Christian Polygamists whose paradigms are based solely upon the Bible's texts, it means that that the only Biblically-allowed "configurations" are those of no wife, of one wife, or of more than one wife (polygyny). For these reasons of differing paradigms, polyamory and Christian Polygamy are distinctly separate from each other.








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