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The Christian Polygamy "Movement"

The coming together of conservative, evanglical, Scripture-based Christians, from so many different denominational backgrounds, has formed into a real social "movement", unto now directly seeking to bring the Scriptural truth of Christian Polygamy to the Churches.

It is profoundly significant that this is mostly all with and by conservative Christians. (Christian Polygamy is not Mormon Polygamy.) That is, because of this significant fact that this is with and by conservative Christians, Christian Polygamy can not be dismissed as if merely libertine or as if only a matter of "tolerance" dogma of liberal denominations of Christianity. Indeed, that significant fact demonstrates the genuine reality that Christian Polygamy is clearly only a matter of believing the Scriptures, believing what the Scriptures actually say and have always actually said...

And that's why and how Christian Polygamy has become a growing and unstoppable social "movement" indeed.

A "Movement" Defined

But how is a "movement" to be considered an actual, bona fide social "movement", anyway?

Throughout the ages, there have, of course, been the occasional Christian believers (and not Mormon) who have individually understood the Biblicality of polygyny. And there have been situations where Christian missionaries going into tribal or other ethnic-cultural lands have had to deal with the issue of polygamous peoples becoming Christians after receiving the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

But such disparate and individual situations, all being so distinct and separate from each other, cannot really be defined as giving "birth" to a "movement". They are, of course, certainly not to be deemed as irrelevant, though. Rather, it could more aptly be said that such situations could be collectively considerd as a "pre-natal" stage, all leading up to the eventual "birth" of the "movement".

With that realized, then how does one define a matter where a cause moves past that kind of "pre-natal" stage and finally does become "born" as a bona fide, actual social "movement"?

The answer is this.

A movement begins (is "born") at the time of the first and consistently bringing forth of the usuable and duplicatable rhetoric that unstoppably propels it forward without retreat.

When other people thereafter learn that usuable and duplicatable rhetoric and they then pass it on to yet others, a "movement" has indeed begun to grow.

The "Movement" Begins

Accordingly, with the benefit of "20/20 hindsight", the history of the movement of Christian Polygamy can now be observed as revealing that the movement was officially "born" on July 4, 1994. A young, married, and conservative Christian man, the founder of what would eventually become the TruthBearer organization, had first begun regularly laying down the usuable and duplicatable rhetoric of Christian Polygamy in a monthly newspaper he published.

For Christian Polygamy, the defining usuable and duplicatable rhetoric is that of all the exegetical argumentations which prove that polygyny is Biblical, per BOTH the Old and New Testament Scriptures. Every argument had to be laid down. Repeated afffirmation had to be given.

And for it all to have any credibility, it had to begin exclusively with and by Christ-centered, Spirit-led, Scripture-believing Christians.

Only such genuine Christians could effectively persuade and bring such usuable and duplicatable rhetoric of Christian Polygamy to fellow Christians.

Mormons could not do it (because Christian Polygamy is not Mormon Polygamy anyway).

Liberals could not do it because conservative Christians would otherwise dismiss it out of hand, thinking that, unless it was based completely on Scripture, Christian Polygamy could not be "of God".

Of course, the occasional "Christian-faker" (i.e., professing to be conservative Christian, but not being even Christian in spirit and in truth) did also (unfortunately) learn the rhetoric and brought it forward in individual places, too. This kind of thing, of course, happens in any growing "movement". Namely, "hero-wannabees" latch onto the rhetoric and attempt to mis-apply it for their own personal gain. (Christians understand this concept as being the "devil planting tares among the wheat".) Nevertheless, God is able to use negatives to bring about positives, for sure!.

Yet, the actual point of this is that the only way in which even "Christian-fakers" could even think of successfully persuading others to listen to them for a brief moment was for them to present themselves in the context as if they, too, were Scripture-believing conservative Christians.

Even so, though, aside from and despite all that, the longevity of the growing movement mandated that only dedicatedly Bible-believing Christians could be the ones to ultimately and effectively carry the mantle of bringing Christian Polygamy to the Churches. And it is so.

Growing and Unstoppable

Once the initial usuable and duplicatable rhetoric of Christian Polygamy was laid down, indeed, the movement was unstoppably propelled forward without retreat.

The history of the movement of Christian Polygamy had begun and continues to unstoppably grow! It is, as the TruthBearer organization's trademark phrase puts it, "Continuing the Reformation..."

Glory to God!








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