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Christian Polygamy

"Christian Polygamy" is not a "contradiction in terms".

When the word, "Christian", in being used as an adjective, modifies the word, "polygamy", to make the complete term, "Christian Polygamy", it ONLY refers to polygyny from the perspective of Christian beliefs.

Christian Polygamy does not ever include polyandry.

This distinction is important to remember because the word, "polygamy", by itself, is a neutral word, which can mean either polygyny or polyandry.

This is just as the word, "day", is a neutral word. When the adjective, "sunny", is placed before the word "day", however, then it conveys a specific meaning. Indeed, in that case, the two word-phrase, "sunny day", would not ever be confused with thinking it was a "rainy day".

In that same manner, when the adjective, "Christian", is placed before the word, "polygamy", it only refers to a Christian-based polygyny.

Christian Polygamy is based solely upon the Old and New Testament Scriptures. It is a belief held mostly by evangelical, conservative Christians, who operate by the presupposition that the Scriptures, the Word of God, as written in the languages in which they were originally written, is the sole basis for doctrinal belief.

Studying the Scriptures Leads to Questions

For most of such Christians, the basis for even looking into the matter as an investigation often arises by "accident". They simply study the Scriptures deeply and all of a sudden, a certain fact starts to amazingly become obvious ---and perplexing too!

Namely, it becomes undeniably clear that many, many of the holiest men of God in the Scriptures were unrepented polygynists who were never condemned of God for it. That undeniable fact always raises the question, "How could that be so?"

To answer that, it usually leads to the next reaonable question, "What does 'adultery' really mean?" That important question thus leads to to a deeper study of the word, "adultery", as it was written in the original languages of the Scriptures. And such a comprehensive study yields the true meaning: "woman that breaketh wedlock"" (not man). For many, their jaw begins to drop!

That newly-realized definition totally and logically explains how a man can, in fact, be a polygynist without committing adultery. It reveals clearly how all the holy men of God could be polygynists and still not be committing adultery for marrying more than one woman. The whole matter starts to make so much sense!

At this point, most genuine Christians are legitimately concerned to test their own spirit about this (to rightly make sure that what they are starting to realize is only about truth and not coming from their flesh).

They rightly want to know the truth, of course, but they also rightly want to be sure that they are not walking down a path of error. They Spiritually and rationally seek to test it further, knowing that that which is truly of God will reveal itself. "By their fruits, ye shall know them", Jesus foretold.

Answers Lead to Deeper Investigations

As such, it is usually at this point at which most such Christians then seek out deeper studies into the matter with great intensity.

As Christian Polygamy has grown as a movement in recent years, the following has become common for many Christians. When they find themselves at this point of deeper investigation, that is usually the time when they begin conducting a search of the internet for web-sites on the topic.

Such searches lead them to such web-sites as that of the TruthBearer organization and other fine web-sites.

Thereby do such Christians then find the answers to their remaining questions.

They see what Christian Polygamy is NOT.

They see that Christian Polygamy is not Mormon Polygamy.

And, most important of all, such Christians then see the profound and selfless love of Christ being taught (especially with the teachings of "love-not-force").

Such seeking Christians are then assured of the true Christ-centered basis indeed.

It then all becomes as clear as the light of day. Christian Polygamy is realzed as undeniably Biblical.

Proof Leads to Joining the "Movement"

Many of such Christians then self-selectingly add themselves as being part of the "movement" too.

Being a "Christian Polygamist" does not mean one has to be a so-called "practicing polygamist". It only means believing and supporting that it is Biblical. And since this is indeed only about believing ALL the truth of the Scriptures, THAT is why it becomes important to such Christians to share the truth of it all with others, which incudes, of course, sharing it with fellow Christians who simply do not realize this all just yet.

As the TruthBearer organization puts it, this is Continuing the Reformation...".

It's THAT important and relevant.

Accordingly, such Christians who do see it then also quickly become "Christian Polygamists" too. And the activist ones then join the cross-denominational TruthBearer organization in order to add their help and support to bring Christian Polygamy to even other fellow Bible-believing Christians.

Yes, Christian Polygamy is genuinely Christian!

And as more and more Bible-believing Christians come to also see the undeniable truth of it all too, this historic "movement" simply continue to grow and grow!

Glory to God!








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